Headquartered in Buffalo, Wyoming, the Howling Wolf Foundation is a  nonprofit educational organization which supports educational initiatives in the areas of health, investments and personal finance. With monies raised through donations, we will provide funding, through the awarding of grants to educators and programs that enhance and enrich the knowledge of individuals in these fields.

Howling Wolf is a leading educational institution dedicated to empowering people to manage their financial and investment affairs.  We design curricula in collaboration with US and international experts and provide easy access to objective and practical knowledge, insights and proven techniques through cloud technology.  We are creating a Global Movement to educate and support all legitimate efforts to improve Financial Literacy through The Howling Wolf Foundation.  We believe that the only way we can become literate in financial matters is to start early.

Your donations will go to support institutions, organizations, platforms and entities that will develop programs, classes and courses that are designed to teach and enhance financial education at the elementary school level.

Please help us so that future generations of Americans will not have to endure a Madoff or 2008-like fiscal meltdown.

Thanks for considering our mission.

John Lohr

Founder, Howling Wolf Foundation